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Time to feel good people! With tall drink of water / fairy dusted /trippy AF/ South African singer - songwriter Abri Van Straten, who I discovered is also married to the talented and gorgeous Kristen Bauer (Pam on True Blood). He plays some songs for us and we talk about marriage, synesthesia, gold auras and more. A hippy dippy interview that's sure to leave you feeling festive, confused, and slightly high.

Lawrence O'Donnell : On Marxism, Penn Gilette's Sex parties and more!

About me:  I'm a Southern intellectual,  professional baby surrogate, matriarch, and avid dater. I'm proud to be breaking mullet stereotypes, and am grateful to have had hundreds of sex partners that have helped me become the life coach, podcast host and mother of 34 that I am today!

X-RAE LIVE! AT THE COMEDY CELLAR with Ari Shaffir, Joe Machi, Jessica Kirson & Mehran Khagani

Palestinian militant turned Peace activist and Nobel Prize nominee Souli Khatib

Souli Khatib is a Palestinian that spent 10 years in prison for stabbing two Israeli soldiers. While incarcerated, he educated himself, learned about the Holocaust, engaged in non violent protests that yielded fruit, and underwent a major transformation. Once released from prison, he co-founded the organization Combatants for Peace, advocating and engaging in non-violent peace activism. Amazing episode. 


I first started out making Preggo Tips videos that went crazy ass viral.I've helped millions of women and men navigate the challenges of pregnancy and have since branched out, spiritually and intellectually but am still popping out babies for a living